Lunch with an artist

 "Lunch with an artist" este exact ceea ce înseamnă: prânz cu un artist :). Are loc o dată pe lună, la ora prânzului, la Jazz Book - unde Iuliana încearcă să afle momente frumoase din jurnalul unui muzician. Adică poveşti cu filosofii personale, experienţe de prin toată lumea, motivaţii, muze şi viziuni. Acest proiect are menirea de a exploata şi a înfrunta stereotipurile în care trăim cu toţii (da, cu absolut toţii, chiar şi cei consideraţi open-minded), de a sări din cutiuţele cu pereţi înalţi în care ne zace creierul, şi într-un final de a afla că suntem frumoşi şi că avem o ţară frumoasă, fiindcă altfel, aceşti muzicieni talentaţi nu s-ar fi lăsat adoptaţi de România.

"Lunch with an artist", meaning exactly what is sounds like, takes places monthly, at Jazz Book, where Iuliana is trying to discover beautiful moments from a  musician's diary. These are usually stories about personal philosophies, experiences from all over the world, motivations, muses and visions. This project aims to exploit and confrunt all the stereotypes that we live in (even the ones amongst us that consider themselves "open-minded"), to get out of the little boxes where our brain is lying, and finally find out that we are all beautiful and we have a beautiful country, because otherwise, these talented musicians wouldn't have chosen Romania to be their adoptive country.

December 2013-  Clay Windham

Clay Windham is an American blues musician who sings throughout Eastern Europe. In Bucharest, I saw him playing with some of the greatest Romanian musicians: Raul Kusak, Liviu Pop, The Nightlosers… I started a conversation with him about the music he sings and the people he meets while travelling, and it got to his birthplace – Orange, Texas- the southern region of America, a place of music and prejudices. This is not exactly a classical “Q&A interview”, it’s more of a story about art, music, America vs. Eastern Europe, clichés, personal philosophies and all the vibes that made Clay sing blues music. Continue reading

Ianuarie 2014 - Luis Palomino (versiunea în română)

Ce m-a interesat în primul rând în această discuţie (înafară de Castro şi comunismul din Cuba, pe care am decis să le las spre final, după ce inchid reportofonul :) ), a fost viziunea despre muzică a unui latin care cântă la cel mai seducator instrument posibil din jazz: saxofonul. Şi mai ales, m-a interesat povestea unui muzician care a decis că în Estul Europei se simte cel mai bine. Părerea mea este că trebuie să ai o filosofie despre muzică, pentru a o înţelege mai bine, iar în cazul unui muzician, probabil, pentru a o cânta mai bine. Ce am aflat de la Luis este că nu e vorba de filosofie, ci şi de foarte multă matematică, de raţiune. Practic, ceea ce se aude la acest instrument este o matematică în acţiune. Partea filosofică vine mai apoi, când îi dai o semnificaţie personală, legată de propriile trăiri, ca artist şi ca ascultător. Continuarea aici

Februarie 2014 - Paolo Profeti

Talking with Paolo Profeti was very easy. An hour or so passed, and I already had a lot of material to write. Maybe I was in luck because of his Italian roots and his probably innate talent for speaking without getting everybody bored, but after hearing his story I  realized it's not a matter of ethnicity, he just has a lot of stuff to tell. You just have to manage to digest quickly all his recollections, and keep up with his WPM speed. (words per minute) :) And the result is this very substantial, very effective interview. Among many projects, including one recorded album with the Mamud Band, with its "Afro Future Funk" (which Paolo was very kind to bring it at the interview, so we all listened to it during our talk), he teaches tango classes, he studied music a lot, after finishing a totally opposite discipline, and he travels between Italy and Romania for music and love. In this short time that that has passed since he began "exploring" our country, he has made a lot of friends, that are not coincidentally the best jazz musicians we have nowadays. Continue reading

November 2014 - Ghassan Bouz

With Ghassan Bouz from Lebanon, I had more than one talk about music and his activity as a percussionist here in Romania. This interview was not a standard one, and the reasons why it was like that are plenty: beginning with my trying to squeeze myself into his busy agenda and ending with finding a (challenging) way to make him say things that usually the readers of an interview or the audiences of a live concert want to know about the musician on the stage. Another reason is that “I don’t want to make it a nice story”, as he told me. Even though, and I’m sure all of you agree, he could make it a pretty nice Lebanese story. Luckily I’m not writing for a glossy magazine, so the following are just interesting short stories and thoughts about this musician.

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